Things I am learning in February 2019

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In January this year, I developed a new technique to keep track of what I learn. I call it count by week, I will post an article on that soon. 5 weeks of this year have passed, today we are in 2nd day of 6th week. In coming weeks of February, I will be learning back-end web development in JavaScript. The stack will consist of Express.js, Mongoose, Pug and various node packages and libraries.

What will I be learning?

For past year I have been coding for front-end and some small side projects in NodeJS and Python. However I have not invested time in learning back-end web development, I was making and breaking plans for it. Finally in January of this year, I finished my pending front-end projects and made a decision to learn back-end. And since my brain was already charged with JavaScript, I chose NodeJS.

What course have I selected?

There are a lot of great courses for Express(NodeJS framework) on web, some of them are free. But I always choose video tutorials which are interactive and are backed by community. I read the name wesbos a lot on twitter, he is popular for his web development courses. I went for his Learn Node course, he teaches everything from scratch with Express, Pug and Mongo. This course is perfect in terms of what I was looking for, however one downfall is that it is from 2017 and not updated since. Wesbos also give the access to his official slack channel so if I am stuck, I can get help instantly.

How am I going to approach it?

In past 3 weeks I have watched 16 videos from this course, learning experience is good. I am also self-learning things in Express, because despite how many assigned task you complete, you cannot experience the challenges of creating something from scratch if you do not work with core library and API. Express is a minimal NodeJS framework and have an excellent documentation. Pug is a JavaScript templating engine that is popular for its use with Express. And, finally MongoDB, Mongoose is a nodejs package that is used to operate MongoDB. Working with these three stacks majorly and throwing in CSS, I will also be making my own project parallel to tutorial. In this way, I can learn CSS grid as well.


To sum up, I am going to learn Express, Pug, Mongoose and other packages to build back-end websites. With this course, I will also focus on debugging problems that occur due to old dependencies in wesbos’s boiler project. February is packed with back-end, it will be hard to resist the temptation of doing some projects with React and Gatsby, but I’ll try my best 😋.

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